Your City is Known For What?

I’m the new guy here at Kat Country 103 and I’m new to Northern California, so everyone is always asking where I’m from originally.  The answer is:

photo courtesy of pixabay

Toledo, Ohio

I know – I know…Yawn – the midwest.

So every time I tell someone that – they say…”Oh Yea.  I know Toledo – Corporal Klinger, right!”

Yes – Jamie Farr – the Cross-Dressing Corporal from the TV series M*A*S*H* put us on the map back in the 70s & 80s.  But for the record – we are also the home of Libby Glass and Toledo Scales. There is a good chance you’re drinking out of something from “The Glass City” or you’ve stepped on one of our scales.

photo courtesy of pixabay

So lets hear it – it’s time to brag about where are you from?  What is your city known for?  It can be right here in Kat Country – Or somewhere else in the world.

There’s one I know already….every time I meet someone from Lodi – they tell me they are the Zinfandel Capital of the world.

So let’s hear your hometown’s claim to fame.


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