Is There A Better Ballpark Snack Than This?

March 29th – Major League Baseball Opening Day….this is the earliest Opening Day – in history for America’s Pastime.

photo courtesy of pixabay

I’m excited about baseball though…mostly for the hotdogs. The hotdog has got to be the greatest baseball food.  I don’t know what it is about the stadium-dog, they’re just sooooooo good. Way better than hotdog you cook/grill yourself.  And there’s just one way to eat ’em…


It’s perfect just like that.  No need for anything else.

photo courtesy of pixabay

I once had to break up with a girl that defiled a stadium dog by putting Ketchup on it….actually we split for a lot of reasons – but ketchup on a stadium dog is UN-AMERICAN!

Ketchup on a stadium-dog is a disgrace…tell me I’m wrong?


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