Will This Get Your “Man Card” Revoked?

To keep a marriage on an even keel – sometimes you have to do things that put your “man card” in question…last night was one of those things.

I took The Princess to see Dancing With The Stars Live!

I figured I’d be the lone man in a sea of giddy women.  But Stockton Arena was filled with guys just like me. Some hanging their heads in shame. Others stoic stares displayed the pain and hardship they were being forced to endure. I even saw men holding their wive’s handbags.

I took The Princess to this show as a surprise for our 11 year anniversary. To say she loves the show is an understatement. She is a DWTS fanatic. So I bit the bullet and went.

Here’s where my Man Card comes into question…I liked it. The music was on point – the light show and digital effects were cool and the dancers were stunning! There were 600 costume changes – with barely enough material to make one pair of pants! There were times I had to look away because I was staring too long at these scantily clad dancers.  Honestly this outing was Win/Win…but I came looking like a rockstar for sacrificing my evening.

I could off you all sorts of antiquated marriage advice but really you just need to remember these four words:

Happy Wife – Happy Life

Oh…And I’m keeping my Man Card!


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