What Do We Really Want For Valentines Day? I Don’t Want Candy…Give Me A TV

Am I The Only Girl That Really Doesn’t Want Candy Or Jewelry?

I know I can’t be the only girl who wants something different for Valentines Day? It seems like the card and candy companies dictate to women what WE really want for Valentines Day and even Mother’s Day. Guilting our husbands into buying all kinds of candy and jewelry that we don’t really care for. You know what I want? How about a new TV?…Ok I guess that’s stretching it for Valentines Day. But my point is, why should these companies tell us what we should want?  Think outside the box this valentines day. I’m a total electronics girl. So I want to know…what do you want? Let’s give our valentines some new ideas! -Jaimee Lee


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