Fiona The Hippo Predicts The Superbowl Winner! Who Do You Think Will Win?

How Are You Predicting The Superbowl Winner?

I hate to say this but I’m not really into the Superbowl hype this year. Although, I’m happy we’ve got some locally raised stars heading to the Superbowl! Other than that, I’ll be watching just so I can get the free grub! Maybe it’s because The Patriots…again. I love watching when two teams have never been in or at least awhile. My prediction is The Patriots, because, well…again. Feels like The Groundhog Day of Superbowls. However, Fiona The Hippo picked The Eagles! I’m rooting for The Eagles just because I love an underdog and I want to see someone else walk away with the trophy. Just to mix things up. Check out how all these different zoo animals predicted who will win! Here’s the link!


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