My Children Wrecked My Floor & Ceiling! What Did Your Kids Do?

courtesy of Jaimee Lee

What Did Your Kids Destroy?

I came home to hear the sound of running water upstairs. I knew immediately what it was. My three year old, Lila, had previously stuffed one of our upstairs sinks with cat food and turned on the water. Luckily that time I caught it before there was any damage. So I knew something like that must have happened again. I ran upstairs to find the bathroom with a foot of water and the sink on full blast. It must have been on from about 10pm the previous night through 2pm that day when I got home! I ran downstairs figuring…the rest of the water had to go somewhere. I opened the downstairs bedroom door to find it was “raining” out of my ceiling fan! I have to say, I called Eagle Construction in Stockton and they came out immediately. Tore out the damage and set up fans upstairs and downstairs. And no, I’m not getting paid for an endorsement, I was just relieved at how fast they came to help me. Now I have no floor in my upstairs bathroom or downstairs bedroom. As you can see..I have no ceiling either!! I’m just wondering, what did your kids destroy? I can’t be the only parent to come home and find an absolute disaster!


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