What is the best lie your kid(s) ever told you?


Ok, I need to start this off by being FULLY transparent. I was the WORST liar as a kid. It was a sport for me. I was a horrible small human, who was a complete coward and terrified of my parents. If I could get out of something, ohhhh gosh, would I try!

That being said there are WAY too many fibs for me to share with you but one in particular (my mom is going to LOVE this) is when I came home from school and ate one of those frozen pot pies. My mom called frantic telling us not to eat them. (Little did I know she had just read that that VERY brand had just been recalled for having like glass or metal or some horrific indigestible kill you dead type of object in them!) Having just eaten the whole thing (did I mention I was kind of chubby back then?!) I lied through my gravy covered teeth.


That woman KNOWS I ate it (thank goodness I didn’t die!), but to this day I REFUSE to admit to it hahahaha


Not the best lie, but one that keeps coming back up to this day. So, I HAVE to know, what is the BEST lie your kid (s) ever told you? Or maybe you told your parents?


As always, keep it clean but have fun!!




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