Bring On The Heat on Hot Sauce Day!!!

Happy National Hot Sauce Day!!
January 22nd is the day we celebrate that little bottle of liquid heat that adds zest to almost anything.

There are tons of different types of hot sauces. From Tapatio to Choula, Sriracha and Tobasco to the various levels of ‘Fire’ from Taco Bell, everybody has their favorite!

Online searches will bring results of Hot Sauces that extol the virtues of the world’s hottest peppers and what it will do to certain parts of your body, or the exclamations you may yell after tasting it.

You can find them here:

But for the rest of us, it’s about the taste it adds to the food. The spice level is a personal preference, and certain hot sauces are a must.
Like the little, clear plastic cup of hot sauce from your favorite taco truck, or the Louisiana Hot sauce from Popeye’s Chicken.

For some, it’s penance for cursing when you were young!

Personally I’ll take the Cholula Hot Sauce with its iconic round wooden cap…on my carne asada taco… not when I curse. 😉



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