Do You Get Shortchanged When Your Birthday Is Close To A Holiday?

Birthday presents and Christmas presents can’t be combined! Spread the love!

I absolutely love Christmas! All of December is a blast to me. I was fortunate enough to be born on December 8th, (which is a holy day “The Immaculate Conception”.) Being the 8th has always been perfect to me because I never felt short changed with my birthday being near Christmas. It’s just far enough away that I always made out like a bandit. Starting as a child, I knew whatever I didn’t get for my birthday I would manage to get for Christmas and not have to wait long to get it! However…as an adult I feel it has changed a bit. I’ll admit I was spoiled rotten as a kid. Which may be why as an adult, I see less benefits from having my birthday so close to Christmas. As an adult it seems easier for people to now say “this is for your birthday and Christmas!” Nope, sorry, doesn’t work that way. Us December birthdays should get separate presents, right? Unless there is the exception of large gifts. I managed to get a new house by telling my husband it would count as my birthday and Christmas present so there is still an advantage depending on the gift. But I want to know, if you have a birthday near a Holiday, do you ever feel a little left out? If your birthday is near New Years or 4th Of July do your birthday parties have to double as a holiday party?


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