“Think A Little Less” Singer Michael Ray Arrested, Charged With DUI And Cannibis Oil Possession After Minor Crash In The Drive-Thru Line At A Florida McDonald’s.

Photo courtesy of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department

People magazine’s website People.com is reporting that country singer Michael Ray was arrested in his hometown of Eustis, Florida and charged with DUI and possession of cannibis oil. According to the police report Ray was driving a 2012 Jeep Wrangler and “Michael said he was in the drive-thru and his foot slipped off the pedal, causing him to hit the back” of the car in front of him.

The police report further states “Michael Ray Roach was placed into custody for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. During a search incident to his arrest, a glass bottle containing an unknown brownish substance was located in his left front pocket. The substance field-tested positive for cannabis oil containing THC.”

Police were dispatched to the fast food restaurant at 3:34 AM and Ray was booked and released later this morning on a $6000 bond. $1000 of suspicion of DUI and $5000 on suspicion marijuana possession relating to the alleged hash oil found in Ray’s vehicle.


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