First World Problems Remedied By A Tide Stick

Photo courtesy of Andy West/Cumulus Media

If you’re not yet familiar with our new 11a-3p host her name is Erin and she’s also our Digital Director (she takes care of our website and social media). She’s awesome and generously offered to buy coffee this morning for our weekly Kat Country staff meeting. Not just some mini-mart rotgut either, she bought me a Starbucks mocha and got Jaimee a white chick mocha (sorry, read the text wrong, that was a white choc mocha, lol).

So of course the first thing I do is dribble drops of my mocha on my brand new shirt. Luckily Erin was Johnny on the spot with a Tide Stick to which DJ quips “using your 7 dollar Tide Stick to clean up the mess from your 4 dollar mocha? DJ also pointed out that in the third world they’d probably be stunned to find out our toilets use clean water.

First world problems.


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