Dustin Lynch Killed It At The Bob Hope Theatre In Stockton Last Night!

Photo courtesy of Andy West/Cumulus Media

The first time you meet Dustin Lynch one thing is apparent… you absolutely cannot wipe that smile off of the man’s face! He seems like the kind of guy that everyone gravitates toward and has a good time no matter where he is. He’d be fun to hang out with in front of AM/PM on a Saturday night. He has that talent for making whoever he’s talking to feel like the most important people in the room. He’s also the kind of guy that if you’re eating at a restaurant with him and the ladies start looking your way you feel like you’ve still got it until… you remember who you’re eating with. Lol. The 2000+ at the Bob Hope Theatre didn’t all have the pleasure of meeting the man as I did but you can just sense when someone is genuine and there is no doubt he won over the crowd. Of course his roadie dressed in all parts of the flag tossing free beer to the crowd didn’t hurt in the winning over friends department either.

Then there is the matter of the actual concert which was spot on! His originals rocked and he did a few covers too my favorite of which was Brad Paisley’s “Mud On The Tires”. Great light show, great music and a night to remember. Thanks Dustin!


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