The Best Scones In The Valley

Photo courtesy of Andy Winford/Cumulus Media

Today I had to travel to Lodi for our Toys For Tots toy drive with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Since I live in Ripon I haven’t spent much time in Lodi so I wanted to see where the cool coffee places were. As usual I checked my Yelp app and found a place called the “Corner Scone Bakery”. I dropped by there this morning on my way to Walmart where the toy drive is/was (depending upon when you read this) happening and it just so happened a batch of mixed berry and lemon scones were coming out fresh from the oven. Far be it for me to tell someone else how to run their business but I do have one suggestion… put a neon sign in the window similar to what Krispy Kreme donuts does letting people know when the scones are hot out of the oven because they are SPECTACULAR! OMG, the best, warmest, lightest scone I’ve ever had. The iced mocha was pretty darn good too.

What is your favorite bakery or coffee place in the valley?


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