Mystery Project Revealed…

What was the mysterious project D.J. Walker  was putting together over the holiday weekend?

Photo of DJW’s Mystery Project


There were a lot of good guesses from the picture that was posted on FB.


– Beginnings of the Death Star
– Rumba automatic vacuums are
– Deflector array from USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A
– It’s an art deco Lazy Susan for coffee table
– Alien space ship with a time capsule to be opened on 11/29 2017
– A new cake plate in pottery class
– Cotton candy maker
– Ferguson Part of a speaker
– Drone
– fire bowl for patio table
– Turn Table
– Chip and dip dish

But the REAL answer is…


The top to a patio heater!

$99 Black Friday sale at Lowes!!! What a bargain!

Warm & Toasty this winter!




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