What Was The One Thanksgiving Item You Hated As A Kid?

What’s there not to like about Thanksgiving? As an adult you come to realize the true meaning of Thanksgiving. As a kid, you just want the pie! There’s always that one dish that Grandma or Mom made that sat empty at the table. If it was put on your plate, you might sit there and poke it with a fork just to see if it was alive! Personally, I have always avoided green bean casserole. Sorry, I know it’s a favorite at many family¬† tables but I still won’t eat it! Give me the Mashed Potatoes and Hawaiian Rolls! Here’s an interesting list of items that used to be popular, but thankfully are not on many Thanksgiving tables anymore. The frozen jellied turkey vegetable salad looks like something my cat regurgitated! Do you remember eating any of these? What is your least favorite item on the Thanksgiving menu? -Jaimee Lee

Check out the “14 vintage Thanksgiving food we’re thankful not to eat again!” from MeTV.com


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