What Candy Do You Take From Your Child’s Halloween Stash?

We Know You Do This!!!

I think anything chocolate is the usual answer! That’s the first thing I go for. I usually bargain with my kids for the candy bars first. Twix, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way and Snickers are at the top of my list. But I was curious to see what other parents are rummaging through their child’s left over Trick Or Treat Candy for? Reading a recent survey…nearly 80 % of parents do this. My parents and older siblings did it to me and so the tradition continues. I think it’s a right of passage. I found this interesting map that shows which are the most popular Halloween candies for each state. Apparently in California, we really like M&M’s. I’ll go for that! But some of the other states’ choices are interesting to me. Especially Montana. Bubblegum over candy bars? Really? Remind me not to ever go Trick Or Treating in Montana. Check out the candy mapĀ HERE!


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