This Is What My Kids Think Of Me…

What Do Your Kids Think Of You?

                                        (Courtesy of Jaimee Lee)

My 6 year old Rylee brought this project home from school the other day. Although cute and funny at first…When I really started to look at the pictures she drew of us, I felt disappointed in myself. You’ll notice she included my big beautiful lips,lol. When I asked her what is in my hand she said: “Oh that’s you sitting on your favorite spot on the couch playing horse games on your phone.”…I’m thinking, “Oh My GOD, I do look like that!” Insert my husband’s picture here…

Meet my husband, Conor. When we asked Rylee what Daddy is doing she replies,”That’s Daddy sitting in his chair with the remote control watching the news.” After we were done laughing, it really made us take a second look at how our kids see us. Is this how we want them to remember their childhood? I know we can’t possibly be the only parents in the class that were depicted sitting on their butts doing nothing with their electronics. If we were, that’s pretty bad on us. But it is an eye opener. How do you want your kids to draw you!


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