Are You Afraid Of Black Kats? This May Be Why…


Everybody knows the old superstition associated with black cats. If one crosses your path supposedly you will have bad luck. Or some variation of that story, regardless, black cats have long been associated with fear. So I was wondering “where this superstition actually derived from?” “Why are black cats so scary?” I found an interesting article that might provide some insight into the legends. The superstition may go back to a primal fear of being eaten by large cats! I guess that would be scary! It may not have been a black cat that started the whole superstition to begin with, but rather a black bird. The Raven has long been thought to be a precursor to death, cats being just as mysterious also were singled out. In the middle ages,¬†cats were thought to be associated with people deemed as “witches.” Really, these were probably just ladies we would now refer to as “the crazy old cat lady.” So it seems cats have gotten a bad rap for centuries for no good reason other than paranoid people who liked to stir the pot. I have a black cat named “Boo” who I admit is probably the strangest cat I have ever owned. She protects specifically me like a dog but prefers to sit and stare at me rather than be cuddled. I would say there is truth though in having a black cat cross your path being bad luck…my black cat sheds like crazy, clogs up my vacuum and puts my allergies in overdrive! You can read the full article here!¬†


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