Do you have an office pig? You Could Win Pizza!

(Actual photo of Kat Country kitchen, courtesy of Jaimee Lee)

Really? Really…this is what I find myself saying quite often as I make my way into the Kat Country kitchen. I don’t care who gets upset with me for posting our dirty laundry or should I say “dirty dishes.” Every single day I swear our staff kitchen looks like this. Mind you, these bagels were from 9am this morning, as I write this blog it is 4:38pm. No one is going to eat this, throw it away! Nasty, just nasty! Usually there’s half eaten pieces of pizza laying out on the counter for 8 hours. We can’t be the only office that has piggie coworkers? What is the nastiest food you’ve seen left out in your lunch room and how long was it there? The top 5 lunch room photos posted on our Facebookl Page win free pizza from Papa Murphy’s!



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