Is Your Neighbor As Weird As Mine?

What is That?

(Photo courtesy of Jaimee Lee)

Can you please tell me what is in the window of my neighbor’s house? This was taken while on our vacation to the mountains. Our family cabin sits next door to this house, I believe the same owner has lived there for quite awhile. My question is, “Exactly what is that in the window?” It freaked me out to sit on the deck every morning with this human shaped figure with no face looking back at me. My husband said he thinks it’s a scarecrow to keep the bear’s away? I said “you mean like on Home Alone when Macauly Culkin had manikins dancing in the windows to throw off the robbers?” Honestly this is one of the strangest things I have ever seen at a neighbor’s house. And believe me, I have lived next to some interesting people. Any ideas as to what this is? No it’s not a ghost, whatever it is never moved LOL! I want to know, “what is the strangest thing you have ever seen at your neighbor’s house?”


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