The Best Cup Of Coffee On The PLANET Is Just A Short 75 Mile Drive To Santa Clara

Photo courtesy of Andy West/Cumulus Media

If you’re a connoisseur of coffee like I am than you’re always on the hunt for the perfect cup. My own brother-in-law owns an excellent espresso place called Ventoux in Seattle (probably the most competitive place in the world to run a business like that) and he makes a great cup although I have to admit it’s my 2nd favorite. I’ve have java in Miami, Italy, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada and Germany but nothing compares to 1 oz Coffee in Santa Clara. A place we found completely by accident when my daughter Noel (in the photo above) and I were on the hunt the morning after seeing Blake Shelton at the SAP Center.

I had the iced latte. Imagine super strong tasting coffee with zero bitterness and a velvety feel on the mouth. It’s cafe Nirvana! When I said my brother-in-laws place is my 2nd favorite it’s a distant 2nd favorite. It’s so good that I would drive there on a Saturday morning from Ripon just to enjoy a cup… or 5!

If you’re looking to unzip the best coffee flavor you’ve ever had,┬áit’s practically in the back pocket of Levi Stadium. Still, it’s difficult to find. When you punch 3051 Tasman Dr. into your map app on your smartphone it’ll take you directly to an office complex and if you don’t know what to look for you’ll just drive around in frustration. Park at the office complex it directs you to, get out of your car and walk into the courtyard of the complex and you’ll find the house that Juan Valdez built (okay I’m exaggerating now) which is an open air tribute to the best beans on the planet. Sante!


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