Watch Trace Adkins Get Flirty With Actress Ruby Rose on “Today” Show

If this country music thing doesn’t work out for Trace Adkins, he can always fall back on his entertainment reporter skills. The 6’6″ country star sat in as a co-host on Today’s Take with Al Roker and Shanielle Jones Wednesday morning (Feb. 8).

Trace—who just released a new single, “Watered Down,” from his upcoming 12th studio album, Something’s Going On—was on hand to interview Australian actress Ruby Rose, who will be returning to her role on the Netflix series, Orange is The New Black and starring in the upcoming movies John Wick: Chapter 2 and Pitch Perfect 3.

As Trace was seated at the anchor desk, he became enamored with the actresses name, saying he had to write a song called Ruby Rose. The Aussie actress was equally taken by Trace’s manly voice.

“You’re voice is so sexy. Could you say my name again,” she asked the country singer. Trace happily obliged saying in his baritone voice, “I’m sorry, Ruby is not available right now.”  Perhaps Trace could also have a future in voice over work as well—the possibilities are endless.

Watch Trace win over Ruby Rose with his voice.


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