Watch Rabble-Rousing Dwight Yoakam Open Up a Can of Whoop-Ass on Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”

Comedy Central’s Drunk History, a liquored-up narration of U.S. history by a comedian while actors lip sync the dialogue, delved into the history of Nashville as they reenacted one of Andrew Jackson’s duels on last night’s episode (Oct. 11).

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-33-32-amAnd they brought in the big guns by casting Dwight Yoakam as Jesse Benton, an officer in Jackson’s army who ends up having a beef with another officer, William Carroll. One thing leads to another, and they decide to settle their differences in the 19th-century fashion: via duels. Jackson, by the way, is played by Michael Cera.

Check out the first segment of last night’s episode below. But you’ll have to tune in to Comedy Central to see the hilarious second segment (Season 4, Episode 3, Bar Fights).


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