Ever Gone To a Timeshare Presentation To Get a Freebie?

We went to a concert at the Golden One Center – on our way out this guy says, “Hey you want a free trip to Hawaii?  All you have to do is go take a look at our new hotel in Tahoe.”

photo courtesy of pixabay

So for 10 minutes the Princess and I listen to this guys spiel about this new hotel in Tahoe and to get the trip to Hawaii all we have to do is drive to Tahoe – have a look around and the trip is ours.

I says, That’s it? Just check out the hotel?

He says, “Yep. Just look around the hotel.”

I say, “Okay – lets do it.  Nothing wrong with getting out of the city for a while.”

He says, “I just need a $50 deposit and a day you’d like to schedule your tour and presentation.”

I say, “Wait.  $50 – a tour AND a presentation?

He says, “Yes. A short timeshare presentation.”

Riiiight…these are 4 hour high pressure sales assaults – where 3 to 5 different dudes beat you down – until you agree to spend thousands of dollars on a place you get to pay to stay at 2 weeks out of the year.  I didn’t even know timeshare was still a thing.  So we’re not going to Hawaii nor will we be “check out” that new hotel in Tahoe.

Have you ever agreed to sit through a timeshare sales presentation? Was it torture? Did you get suckered into something? Did you get a trip – tickets or something else?

Please share your experiences.


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