What Were You NOT Allowed to Watch as a Kid?

I have a friend that has never seen an episode of The Simpsons. Ever.  Insane, right? How deprived is she. Truth is, her mom thought it was trash TV. So she was never allowed to watch it.

photo courtesy of pixabay

Fox has just renewed The Simpsons for an unprecedented 31st and 32nd seasons. The renewal takes the hit animated series to yet another record 713 episodes. So it’s not going anywhere. She’s still got time to catch an episode of two if she really wanted to.

My mom forbid my sister and I from watch General Hospital.  But without fail everyday we came home from school…that soap opera was on our Television.  Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest were also on her list of banned TV shows.

What about you? What were you banned from watching because it was “inappropriate” or your parents simply didn’t like it?



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