Do You Wear Croc’s In “Sports Mode”

I’ve got a buddy that insists on wearing Crocs out.  That in itself is a problem – but to make matters worse he wears them in…


photo courtesy of pixabay

Sports Mode is when you actually put the strap up around your ankle rather than wear them like a pair of clogs.

Personally, no one should wear them (unless you’re 10 and under or you are on the deck of your boat)…but you certainly shouldn’t wear the strap.  Sports Mode makes an already ridiculous shoe – even more ridiculous.

So I need you to be honest and answer these questions:

  • Do you wear crocs?
  • If yes – do you wear them in “sports mode”?
  • If yes – WHY?!?!

I know there are a lot of closet Croc wearers – otherwise that company would have gone out of business ages ago.  So lets hear it.


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