Your fast food hacks

Enlighten us all with your fast food  hacks….

So, you have heard about the In n Out “secret menu” (that isn’t that much of a secret anymore…) right? Thinks like ordering a “Neapolitan” milkshake with chocolate, strawberry AND vanilla! Or maybe you know you can get your burger protein style (with no bun, but wrapped in lettuce) orrrr maybe you know that you can order a Flying Dutchman ( two beef patties with cheese in the middle. Take that, carbs!).


I was wondering what other cool fast food hacks were out there, because I consider myself a fast food aficionado. Apparently there are some really cool Taco Bell hacks too. Like you can substitute your regular plain nacho tortilla chips…wait for it…..with Doritos, and its FREE!  Brb…..


Please, for the love of all things good and delicious, what are your fast food hacks!?




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