Is College Worth the Debt?

I told my buddy’s daughter to skip college….In my defense – I did it inadvertently.

Here’s the backstory.  His daughter asked me – if given the opportunity would I to go to

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college or take an internship with a music producer?  I said get the real world experience. So she decided to skip college and has just started an internship at a studio in Los Angeles.

It said the internship might not always be there – College always will. And why take on the debt just because? Chase your dreams.  And that real life experience is gonna be huge.

Needless to say – my buddy and his wife are irate with me.

But I went to college – got a degree – I’m still paying off the loans – and I don’t even use the education I got.  I got a Bachelor’s of Education in Physical Education – I’m certified to teach K-12…and now I’m a clown on the radio!

So…is college worth it?  Is it worth going into major debt for an education?

Did you get an education – then go into a totally different field? 

Please share.


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