No Tacos On Independence Day?

Our friends (Matt & Trish) are having a get together for the 4th of July. Before he went out of town this weekend, they agreed that they’d serve ribs, brats, and burgers on the grill.

photo courtesy of pixabay

But then Tricia talked to her mom and they decided to changed the menu to Tacos. When her husband came home yesterday and found out – he says:

“NO WAY!” It’s July 4th, and on the 4th – we’re eating traditional American food!

For the record – Brats are German. #JustSayin’

So Trish calls him out – saying it’s racist. But Matt is sticking to his guns – saying, “It’s the 4th of July – not Cinco De Mayo.”  Needless to say we’re still waiting to see if there is even going to be a bbq now.

Is there holiday specific cuisine? Should you stick to holiday tradition?  Who’s side are you on?

Thoughts? Please share.


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