Beware of these dating profiles….


If only you looked that happy while perusing the sea of online dating profiles……Am I Right?


I feel like I have been on a dating kick the last few days, with good reason. I feel like I’m ready to get out there and see what I see.


That being said, if what I’m ACTUALLY seeing is what is out there, I’m screwed! I’m not super comfortable with the whole online dating “thing” and fortunately, I have good friends who have been dong the “set up” thing. Which is kinda cool!


BUT, and this is a BIG but (hahahahaha sorry, made me laugh), I have seen some VERY, let’s say, interesting dating profiles. Things like #TheBabyInTheAviIsntMine or #SearchingForMyNextEx


So today, I want you to tell me what your dating profile would say if you were to make one. Married folks, feel free to play along….if YOU did have one what would you put?!




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