What Crazy Wedding Stress Did You Deal With?

With weddings comes drama.  It just happens.  There are a lot of moving parts to make everything go down just right.

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Actress Meghan Markle (from Suits) is getting ready to marry a Prince on Saturday…and her stress level has gotta be off the charts because…

  1. The Queen only gave her & Prince Harry the “instrument of consent” a couple days ago.
  2. Her Dad created a scandal for posting his own “paparazzi” pictures…
  3. …and NOW he’s had a heart attack, and won’t be attending the blessed event.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for actors when things go wrong – but that’s a lot of drama, huh.

I experienced LOADS of wedding stress.

My wife (aka: The Princess) is a party planner – and not trusting someone else to make her “special day”

photo courtesy of pixabay

special meant we were going to handle

EVERYTHANG!  I was decorating our venue right up until I took my place at the altar.  And then I got to DJ the thing afterwards.  It was an amazing day…but there was wedding stress.

What crazy stress did you deal with during (or on the run-up) to YOUR wedding?

Please Share.


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