Do You Wash Your Feet?

Don’t ask how – but some friends and I got into a debate over whether you need to wash your feet in the shower.

photo courtesy of pixabay

Several are of the opinion that just standing in the soapy water as it runs off of you is more than enough.  One of our friends says she NEVER washes her feet in the shower because she believes the water does the trick.  We have another that claims to be a clean freak but is fine with just soapy what trickling down to clean them.

I say, “Noooooooo.”

I’m from a completely different school of thought.  Just think of all the nastiness your feet come in contact with.  Sweaty socks, shoes WITHOUT socks, flip flops/sandals, the floor – the ground.  I think I’m gonna be sick.  Maybe it’s just me – but I have to wash mine or EVERYONE will know i didn’t.

How’s it work in your shower?  Do you wash your feet or just let the water clean them off?

If you believe the words of the late great George Carlin, “All you really need is to wash the four key areas: armpits, @$$hole, crotch and teeth.

Sorry George, this body needs a lil’ more scrubbin’.



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