Shampoo is Shampoo….Right?

Has your other half ever done something that just makes you shake your head? The princess had me doing it last night.

She gave the dogs a bath and after she dries ‘em off they come running out of the bathroom to jump all over me and as I wrestling with ‘em – I can smell ‘em.  They have their own shampoo – so I asked why she used my shampoo?

She says, “I didn’t. I used theirs.”

So I says, “Why do they smell like me then?”

To which she replies, “I don’t know.”

I ask to see the bottle – and she show me. The thing is, their shampoo comes in a gallon jug – so The Princess fills one of our old shampoo bottles with it so it’s easier to handle….but then leaves on the tub – AND DOESN’T TELL ME!

I’ve been using the dogs shampoo for weeks. She wrote DOG in teeniest tiniest letters on the bottom of the bottle.  I asked why not write it in big letters?

She said, “There wasn’t room. I wrote it where there wasn’t any writing.”

But in her defense – I don’t have any fleas and my coat has never been shinier!


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