We Can Land On Mars But We Can’t…

Perseverance drove for the first time this weekend (that’s the new Mars Rover).  I’ve been checking out the new pictures as they come down.  It’s incredible we’ve landed a robot on another planet – a robot that NASA is controlling from 140 miles away.

What even more astonishing is that we can land on Mars but we can’t make a Pringles can

that I can fit my hand into!

While we’re at it, why can’t we find a way to get the center of a Hot Pocket HOT or actually fix the potholes on Wilson Way?

At first perseverance was a source amazement and wonder – now it’s just frustrating me!

So finish the sentence:

We can land a robot on Mars but we can’t…

it’s working on our the Kat Facebook page right now.  When you get a chance, go throw your comment up on that post.


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