Here’s Something You’ve Never Noticed

I was sitting at Les Schwab waiting for the chaps to put a set of new tires on my vehicle and I though this would be a perfect time to clean out my wallet.

So I got rid of an old medical insurance card, some random receipts, appointment card for from the year 2019 and several business cards. I also discovered a 20 dollar bill in there, which was a pleasant surprise because I don’t carry cash. With nothing better to do I decided to take a closer look at this $20.

That’s when I noticed THIS:

What is up with that eyebrow, bro?

Andrew Jackson’s eye brow is friggin’ HUGE! I searched for an explanation but my iPhone when from 100% to 1% after I searched “Andrew Jackson Eyebrow”.  Before I could go any deeper – my phone died.

I figured the only explanation is that his Vice President (John C. Calhoun) took him out drinkin’ – got him so blitzed he passed out – then shaved his right eyebrow off – because he knew it was “picture day” in the morning.

Side Note: He also looks like Kenickie from Grease.

When I get some time I’ll have a look at some other denominations of American Currency to see who else should’ve been doing some manscaping.


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