Game Changer

When I go to Costco on Hammer Lane, I usually have to set aside at least an hour and a half. Which is discouraging because usually it’s to grab a giant tub of hummus or a jar of Chocolate Covered Salted Carmel Macadamia Nut Clusters (they’re heaven).

The reason this excursion takes so long is there’s usually only a handful of parking spaces, there’s a pile up at the entrance as people wipe down their carts, you’ve gotta flash your ID (which seems silly because everyone’s wearing a mask), then weave in and through

the crowd to grab your items and the get in line at the registers which are usually backed up into clothing and chips. And if you’re anything like me, you ALWAYS pick the slowest lane.

So you can’t just “pop” into Costco…until now. Costco has added a


It’s as though they read my mind. You just scan your Costco ID – then your 50 gallon drum of Hummus plug in your credit card – and you are on your way.

Now you only have to find a parking space – get past the pile up at the entrance – maneuver through the crowded store – and stroll through the self-check out. Now it only takes…about an hour. Hey, it’s a start.

Ikea – you’re next. When you adding some self-checkout lanes?

Do you hit the self-checkout or do you prefer the regular checkout?  Let us know on the Kat facebook page.


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