Binging TV & Movies You’ve Already Watched Affects Your Health

While trying to find something to watch, The Princess and I will spend – and this is no joke – 45 minutes scrolling through streaming apps waiting – hoping – praying for something to catch our eye.

There are so many shows to choose from on Hulu! Throw in Prime, Netflix and cable TV… trying to find something to watch will make your head explode. When we finally settle on a show, it’s usually SOMETHING WE’VE ALREADY WATCHED!

We’re CURRENTLY re-watching 30 Rock….simply because we cannot decide what new show we want to invest our time in.

And then I saw this headline…

“Binging TV Shows and Movies You’ve Already Watched is GOOD for Your Health.”

Researchers say feelings of nostalgia can:

  • help improve moods
  • boost confidence
  • and lower stress levels – especially in hard times.

I feel so much better about my choice…to think I almost joined a gym!

What’s your nostalgia go-to?  Movies?  TV shows?  Music? Let us know on the Kat Country 103 Facebook page.


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