To Salt or Not To Salt

There is a long standing debate at the Jones House that has kept us divided in the kitchen for years…

“Do you salt the water when boiling pasta?”

Whoever is NOT cooking always gives the other grief about this. I have been raised in a

civilized house where you DO NOT salt the pasta water. According to Angelena Jones (aka My Momma) it “makes the pasta chewy”. I have never questioned her on that.

I have also been taught NOT to rinse the starch off the pasta. If you do the sauce won’t stick to the pasta correctly.

The Princess (who is Canadian) salts the water and rinses the pasta…like a savage.

This is just one of the many things that has kept us at odds in the kitchen since the day we started cooking for each other.

After 13 years of marriage there is one thing that is certain – The Princess and I are the yin and the yang…I’m not sure which is which (but whichever is more attractive – is definitely her).

What’s your take on the salting the pasta water?  Let us know by posting a comment on the Kat Facebook page.


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