It’s the Little Things…

When we go to Walmart on Hammer Lane I drive the princess nuts because it takes me 10-15 minutes to find a decent shopping cart. I refuse to use one that:

  • has a rickety wheel
  • pulls to the left
  • screeches when you push it
  • or bounces like some kind of lowrider

I have to settle for the *least* busted up cart but yesterday – I found it.  My white whale.

photo by kenny jones

It was sitting in the parking lot all by itself just outside the cart corral – which makes zero sense. I even had to walk AWAY from the store to get it. This baby was brand new. In pristine condition. It was like driving a new car off the lot that only has 5 miles on it…
5 miles that your put on it during the test drive!

It was incredible shopping experience thanks to that cart.  I wanted to take it home – and bring it back whenever I go shopping but it wouldn’t fit in the back of the audi…
I parked it in the cart corral furthest out from Pharmacy entrance if you wanna use it…
It should be easy to find as there are only a couple there – BECAUSE NOBODY PUTS THEIR CARTS IN THE CART CORRAL WHEN THEY’RE DONE!

Anyway – if you have a chance log on to the Kat Facebook Page and tell us about a little thing that made your day.


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