Remember When We Could…

TV shows and movies look really strange now.  The Princess and I were watching the Titan Games – with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson last night.  Our jaws dropped as we watched these incredibly fit athletes leap into the crowd and…


They were in the crowded stands (filled with people that were in no way social distancing themselves) shaking hands and slap fives with complete strangers.

The show was obviously filmed pre-coronavirus crisis. But it still looked so weird.

It made me reflect on how all of our lives have changed over the last 7 months.  So I says to The Princess…

“Remember when we could shake hands with people.”

And she replies,

“Remember when we could hug people.”

Then I say,

“Remember when we could go to the grocery store without a mask.”

She comes back with,

“Remember when you could walk down a grocery store isle – whichever direction you wanted.”

We went back and fourth for quite some time.  So I put it on the Kat facebook page.  Go over there and finish the sentence…

“Before the Coronavirus…remember when we could…”

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