Who’s Missing a Body Part?

I am back…finally. I’ve been off for a bit because I’ve been recovering from surgery.

The doctors at Dameron Hospital suggested I have my gallbladder removed – seeing it had ruptured and was leaking bile into my system. I asked if I’d be put on a list for a new one…and they just laughed.

I’ll take that as a “YES”?

Anyway – it’s strange knowing that it’s gone…but if it wasn’t that important why was it even there in the first place?!

So I wanted to throw it out there and see if you’re down a body part.

Tell us what you’re missing – have you had your appendix taken out – maybe you’re a shop teacher and you’re down a finger…or maybe you’ve got something extra like an extra kidney…

Get on the Kat Country 103 facebook page and tell us all about it.


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