Impulse Buying…in this Economy?

Over the past few months, have you found yourself dropping big bucks on stuff you NEVER thought about buying before?  Well, you’re not alone….

I bought a SHED!

It’s one you have to put together yourself.  After they dropped off the 650 pounds of

pieces and parts in my driveway – I learned I have to build a foundation and floor for it! I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

A new survey found – even with the economic situation where it is – we’re making MORE impulse buys during the pandemic than we were before.  In January, the average person was spending $155-a-month on impulse buys.  In April, that jumped up to $183. My bank account cannot handle much more of this this nonsense.

Have you made any impulse buys since this foolishness kick off back in January? Post ‘em on our Facebook page.  Log on and search keywords:  Kat Country 103.

If you could use a lil’ sumthin’ to pad your wallet to help with all that impulse buying – enter to win the Kat Country Thousand Dollar Stimulus.


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