Are Veterinarians the New Mechanics

Taking your pet to the vet is becoming just as bad as taking your vehicle to the mechanic.

Recently we took our dog Skipper to the Vet for a check up.  Everything was fine – no fleas or ticks – blood work came back alright – but he there was one thing…

“He needs his teeth cleaned.”

Yes – our dog needs a dentist.  We’ve had dogs all my life – not one of them EVER

got his teeth cleaned.  They say it needs to be done otherwise health issues may arise. We had a French Poodle that lived to be 19.

But we went along with it.

Me:  How much does it cost?

Vet:  Depends.  We’ll have to see once we get in there.

Me:  Oh.  Can you give me a ballpark figure?

Vet:  The cleaning itself will cost $1200 dollars.  And if we need to do extractions or anything else while where in there that will be more.

Me: I’m Sorry, I thought you said $1200 dollars was the LOW END?

Vet:  That’s Right.

Me:  Okay.

Vet:  We’ll schedule him and appointment – and that will be $125 dollars for the office visit and check up today.


Since I’ll do anything for these furbabies of mine – we’ve been shopping our dogs mouth around getting estimates like were trying to get a deal on fixing a fender.  Thankfully we’ve found a Veterinarian in Galt that can clean his choppers at a fraction of the cost.

Fingers crossed this dog doesn’t need braces.  I might have to take out a second mortgage.


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