40 and fabulous….


Well, here I am. Firmly in the 40’s club. That’s me right there, feelin’ sassy and cute! I turned 43 yesterday and to be honest, I am totally ok with it. I’m actually really enjoying being in my 40’s. So far, this decade (granted, only 3 years in) has been my best yet.

I have embraced that my face is getting a bit more wrinkly (thank you Botox), that my bones crick and crack when I get up, and EVEN that the pounds I have packed on over the last 43 years are just not willing to budge as easy as they did in my 20’s.


But, yesterday when I was at the gym, I REALLY felt my age. I was doing just fine until a migraine hit in the middle of my work out and I puked in the middle of the gym….in front of God and everyone. I was mortified!


BUT, ya know what? I decided I didn’t care. At least I was there. At least I was moving. At least, I was trying. No one really seemed phased by it (apparently that happens often?!).

I treated myself to a nice birthday dinner(at Applebee’s with the 70+ folks hahah), and bought myself some sweats from Target (because that is what you do when you’re 40 ish) and went to bed early.


Just thought I’d share #FortyANdFabulousIsh






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