What Has Your Pet Destroyed?

Kenny Jones is a cat person – and there are – like – a lot of cats in his house.  That is the reason he and The Princess can’t have nice things.

His cats have taken the liberty to completely destroy the backs of the chairs at

photo courtesy of kenny jones

their breakfast bar.

But the jokes on those cats.  When company comes round – they replace the shredded chair covers with pristine new covers.  And after the guests leave these spoiled rotten cats get their makeshift scratch pads back.

Is it an ideal situation…HELL NO.  But it works in the Jones Household.

It’s the cats’ world – they just live in it.

Has your pet ever caused any sort of destruction to your home?  Maybe they tore out a screen – used your sofa as a scratch pad – or shredded an entire package of toilet paper while you were out (those are all actual things Kenny’s lil’ angels have done)…

Please share your experiences.  It helps to not keep it bottled up inside.



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