Life’s Most Amazing Simple Pleasure

The Princess had some supplements for one of our cats delivered.  It comes in a little glass eye dropper.  The best bit is it comes in…

photo courtesy of kenny jones


So every time we get a new bottle I immediately confiscate the plastic goodness and proceed to pop every little plastic puff.  I go one by one – bust several at a time – and then I’ll close it out with a twist (kinda like the big fireworks finale).

There is just something soooooo satisfying about this doin’ that.  Bubble wrap should be treasured.  It’s definitely one of life’s simple pleasures.

For the record it’s not a gateway activity for poppin’ pimples or squeezing anything else out of the human body…that IS THE OPPOSITE OF A SIMPLE PLEASURE!

What’s your simple pleasure?  Please share.  Maybe you’ll open our eyes to something amazingly fantastic thing that could bring joy to our lives.


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