Your Other Half’s Quirks – You Found Out About AFTER Moving in Together

A friend asked me if The Princess had a quirk that I learned about only after moving in with her. And the answer is yes….yes there was…

She’s pretty neat, EXCEPT when it comes to DRINK GLASSES!

photo courtesy of kenny jones

How the hell does one girl use so many glasses in a day? 13 years in – I still don’t get it…. I’ll never get it. I mean, I’m somewhat of a slob, but there are glasses all over our house. Mugs at the breakfast bar…on the nightstand…the coffee table…even in the bathroom!

How hard is it to take that glass you’re using with you to the kitchen – and set it in the sink…

It will get to the point that I have to use a thermos to drink out of at dinner – because all of our glasses are dirty…

“What ‘quirk’ did you find out about your significant other, AFTER moving in together”??


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