Is it your FIRST time cooking Thanksgiving Dinner?! We have help!

Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away! Holy cow, where did the year go!?

For many, the Thanksgiving prep has already begun. I was at the grocery store this weekend and the masses were already packing the aisles buying all the trimmings. Pie makings, turkeys were flying out of the freezers, there was hardly a potato in sight and cranberry sauce cans were almost bare.

I have never cooked a holiday meal for a ton of people personally. When I lived in Georgia, I cooked for myself. So it was a little Cornish game hen, mashed potatoes and some veggie. Maybe a little mini apple pie and Boogie and I were set.

I THINK I could pull off a big meal for my family, but I just never had to, so I don’t stress on it. But what if this is the year you have to do it all by yourself?! Are you nervous? Scared? Cool as a cucumber?


I thought I would try and help by giving you some references that you could use in your cooking prep.

* Don’t turn down help! If someone offers to help, TAKE IT!!

*If you can make a few things ahead of time, DO IT!!! (Here is a REALLY good make ahead list/schedule for you )

* Set your table the night before! (If you have pets that like to explore just throw a clean sheet over your tablescape)

*Have plenty of wine (or a cocktail, or a cold beer, or any booze really) at the ready! (The way I see it, if people are a drink or two in, they won’t care if things “go wrong” or dinner is “late”)

*Lastly, don’t fuss. Have fun and enjoy the holiday in the spirit it was intended. To be thankful and around your friends and family!


Oh and one more thing, here is the Butterball Turkey Helpline……..just in case!

Butterball Turkey Helpline

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all





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