The Four Day Work Week

My niece just became a pharmacist and she’s landed her first gig. She has the best schedule EVER! It’s seven days on – then seven days off! Had I known that you could

photo by kenny jones

have a schedule like that and all you had to do was separate a few pills – I would have become a pharmacist. (Actually the 6 years of pharmacy school would’ve probably kept me from doin’ it).

So being a pharmacist is out…but maybe I could get a gig at Microsoft Japan.

They’re workin’ 4 day work weeks!

As a test they gave all their employees Fridays off for a month and the result was a huge success!

  • Productivity went up 40%
  • They printed 59% fewer sheets of paper
  • They used 23% less electricity.

So even though people were working for less time, they were getting more done. So tell your CEO about this study ASAP. I’m gonna run it by the suits here too – but I doubt the’ll go for it…seeing that I currently only do about twelve minutes of real work a day.



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