Do Your Pets Have Middle Names?

We had the Trick or Treaters coming around last night in droves.  Many of the families had their dogs in tow – which was awesome.  Some of them were even in costume.  One couple came to the door with their little ones and a dog dressed as a cowboy.  So I ask what the dog’s name is – and they tell me,This is Richard James Hayes.”

photo by kenny jones

Wait, What?!  I ask if they call him that all the time?

They said, “No. Richard is his first name. James is his middle name and Hayes is his last name….
when he gets in trouble – I use his full name.”

Which I found to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Nobody gives their Pet a middle name. That’s not how any of this works. There’s no point.  I have a house full of cats and none of them have middle names.

Do your pets have middle names?

*Please say no or I will lose all faith in humanity.


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